meet Tiffani

Welcome to my Blog! My name is Tiffani and I live near Austin, TX with my husband and three kids. My background is in marketing and entrepreneurship. I spend my days helping my husband with his company, running my kids around town, caring for the house, and trying to figure out what to make for dinner. In my spare time, (haha right!) I enjoy reading, taking pictures, writing, designing, and learning new things. I truly love everything I publish on my blog. Sharing it with you while incorporating all of my favorite things to do is such a blessing.

pages & lace

The purpose of this blog is to inform readers of great books, movies, products, new style trends and design. Everything I post on my blog I’ve experienced personally and want to share it with my readers. My hope is to inspire my readers to try new things while keeping them informed. I would love to hear your feedback!


I’ve written a book! If you’ve been following me, you probably know I have ventured into a new journey of writing a book. A. BOOK. Wow! Yes it has taken me two years. It has taken me to places I never knew I could go. Sometimes I hated it. But mostly, I freaking loved it! The whole process is somewhat magical. How you can take an idea, and create a whole new world. Create feelings and emotions and danger and just be plain out crazy if you want to. I loved watching my idea form and mold into something worth reading. Check out my author site T. A. Massa Writes.


My love for photography is expressed through the blog. I try to take all of my own pictures for the blog posts. You are welcome to use them, but please link back to my site as all of my images are copyrighted.


I am open to selling advertising space, however I am more inclined to pursue cooperative marketing programs. Have a business or product you think I would love? Did you write a book and think my readers would like it? I would love to hear from you. Please contact me for more information on how we can partner together.